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"Who are you?" "Someone who loves you"

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Engagement: Erik + Krissy from Nathanael Sims on Vimeo.

Home is not found in a house, but in a someone.

"I love you" "I know"

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By the way, i'm engaged.

Afraid i was gonna leave without giving you a goodbye kiss?

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In the World, Distance is detrimental to Relationship because the convenience of influencing and investing and communing in different relational spheres with people becomes no longer convenient, but extremely inconvenient, irregardless of relevancy, desire, or consistency. The World bases relation and identity in a temporal and finite perspective (not to their disdain, what else should one expect), which leads to a disassociation in future relationships because change in people causes personality relation conflict as result of unidentified and unrecognized character/personality that known a priori to time/environment/situation alteration. When someone you "knew" "changes", in a drastic or noticeable manner or characteristic value, then you feel that the basis of the relation, which was that person's identity to you - the basis or foundation of your relation with that person, is no longer identified, thus no longer existing, and that's why it's extremely hard to people to continue to relate to people that they were once close to, but either through monumental changes and/or time, lost track of another and become like strangers, because time and events condition the way the people are.

This is how the world operates.
"for the present form of this world is passing away"

Relationship in the kingdom does not operate like the world.
Distance doesn't separate, nothing can separate covenant relationship.
One's true Identity in Christ cannot change because it's based on eternity and eternal truth. What God has instilled and implemented in one's soul, one's personality is more true, and more real, than the false identity that the world and the enemy has tried to distort and cultivate. it's completely plausible for someone who is a son and heir of GOD to walk in an identity that is not their true identity that God has formed them to be. It's really, just believing in a lie, walking in bondage to something against God and His truth.
But even that doesn't change or modify their identity, their true identity still exists, for what is true in the kingdom is reality that nothing can invalidate or disqualify.
To know someone in their Identity in Christ is to know them for eternity, and if they start to walk in a conflicting identity to their true identity, we can hold them accountable to the true nature of their being, according to the promises to the Word of God, spoken and written. When they grow in their true identity, they may look and act different, but their identity still shines through and we can love them all the same and relate to them all the same, without that confusion of not recognizing their character and personality anymore.
If we really believe that God is immutable, that he doesn't change, we must realize that the Will of God for our live, our identity, is also immutable and unchanging. this is not to state that we don't develop or grow or progress, which are all thing that according to our thought process and logic would be associated with change. We must develop and grow and thus, progress, but on the basis and inside the foundation of our Identity in Christ.
I know my friend's calling in the Lord, i know their relationships with the Lord, i know who are they are in the Lord, i know their identity, perhaps not in totality, but when they are acting different or misaligned to what i know is true, either through transmitted Word or Personal Words, i know them well enough in the Spirit to know that is not their identity.

In the Kingdom, we advance like the kingdom, with the standard of government of power, love, and perfection, we advance. distance does not kill covenant relationship, if anything, it can only strengthen and grow the areas of relationship that hardly get touched or cultivated, such as love without convenient communication and investments.

In 9 days, i'll be moving back to Alaska, temporarily. it's based on a move in the Spirit that i'm trusting for provision, guidance, and empowerment; financial, practical, and spiritual. in the fall, i'll be returning back to Isla Vista, Santa Barbara with new and reinforced vision from The Spirit, with my own living situation with godly men, with an application to seminary, no job, and a kingdom of heaven moving forth with vision and opportunity to incline, follow, and flourish.

distance means nothing to the Spirit, being that distance is only measured in our temporal sphere/realm - but God was always near His creation, and the Supernatural has always been around us.
So paul said,

For though I am absent in body, yet I am with you in spirit, rejoicing to see your good order and the firmness of your faith in Christ.
Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.

basically, i'll see you guys in August, it'll be awesome, and we'll be just as close now, then, and after then, if not more. This is Kingdom Covenant Relationship.

Right now I feel like I could take on the whole Empire myself.

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I don't always feel the need to explain the headlining quotes but i can't help but mention that the character Dack stated this to Luke Skywalker, who replied, "yea, i know what you mean", being as it were, that he did just take on the whole empire and survived, whereas, Dack does not survive the next scene. so what was the difference between them? i'm sure there was plenty of variables, but even Luke was merely a young farmboy when he helped to destroy the Deathstar. The only real difference is Luke was guided by the Force, and Dack, had only his own means. i'm not necessarily all for and supportive of using movies for spiritual truths, but this one was just so easy and pliable that i can't ignore. The only difference between me and the guy who falls into sin and darkness forever and never resurfaces to the light of God is the Holy Spirit that i submit myself to consistently. so with no further to do, this is what my life is looking like currently: on February 21, i had a dream. For some people, that it not abnormal. For me to have a vivid dream and be able to recollect all it's imagery, details, and sequences is highly unusual. i wrote it down upon awakening, and this is the exact transmission, with no corrections. it's rather long, but don't feel obligated to read the entirety, seeing as i will explain it afterwards.
last night i had a dream . it was odd b ecause most dreams i don't remember having, even barely remembering the fact that i did dream, just the feeling that my body has een shaken up by some resonance of emmittance through my body's ore. this particular, drea or nightmare, when i awoke i was still inside the dream, vividly, the feeling of dreaming is still on my optical sensors. this is all fascinating because the synopsis of my dream was that i'm dying. i'm dying at a steady pace of something much like cancer if not worse, because the basis of the dream is me recognizing that i'm going to be slipping away very soon, and trying to set in ordser my affairs and things, because we have to euthanizeme *apparently it was better to go out one way before the disease got too rampant, before it consumed me) -i can't tremember all the details and i'm starting to fully come back to cognitive reassoning and betraying the subconscious memory of the details of my dream, but i remember thre instances. one, at my house in my mother'sbedroom, trying to figure out how or who to tell and explain this very seemingly untimely edeath. the other situation was on a public announcement, it might have actually been a funeral, a living funeral for myself, and that one was actually qutie funny. my subconscious is quite thesharp and snappy fellow. during the living funeral, it kept coming time for me to acwtually do it, to inject the serum that would make me sleep the eternal sleep. and i remember me and people talking although i was on stage, and i would get choked up, and not wanting to do it, then right about to but something else would distract me, then at one point, somebody decided to run some sort ofcommercial for their thing, their company or something, and i remember feeling disdain and offense, and some of my closer friends looking at me knowing exactly what i was going to say, we had this meeting tos i could orate my will, aso i stood up and yelled, yea, if anyone else has any more commercials to share, how about we just save them for the end, after i'm dead, eh? maybe the transimission of this dream 's part isn't funny, but in my dream is definitely got earnest chuckles and laughs, despite the grim circumstance, and i think that situation got me thinking, both subconsciously and cognitively. i think that's when i realised that in my dream i was very much trying to shy away from death, that i almost didn't beleive it and i know i had s much more to do, and if i ended it now, i would miss out on so much, but if i wanted[waited] for the sickness to arrive in full array, i would be completely lost to you[its] drunken power. i was sad angry hurt and brimming with disbelief, but a very msall, yet potent part of me was excited. when i think of those mental images of the small circular glass container of the serum that would slow me down until i could slow no more, and the syringe that was designated specifically for me, i have a sense of horror, disbelief, but when i think about preparing my arm, i have a very minute yet bright residual feeling of excitement, the opportunity to be involved and initiating of one's end is very rare, and soon the mysteries of the end of time will all be revealed to me. and yet, there's still a great deal of tragedy in my heart and in my mind everytime i look at the two counterparts of inducing the final rest. there's still other feelings, impatience, like i'm going to just snap it all off at a split moment before anyone can even thinkingand just accomplish the deed and be through with it all, before ayone including myself can thinik otherwise. there's sorrow, maybe regret, but an overwhelming inclination to do it, as if many people desired suicide and now i have been absolved of moral, ethical, biblical responsibility, i can just carry the task and drift forever, there's odd euphoria with that, but there's still that depression, every time i think of the serum and myself, the epople i'm going to miss, the things i have left to do, the mistakes that i have done -there's hurt, everytime i picture it, there's hurt, and loneliness, maybe pity, and that' deep aching of pain, "does anyone care about me?" maybe it's fear. in any regard, the ultimate part of my dream before i awoke because of physical things transpiring in the real world were translating into my dream, throwing ti's projedtions off. the alst part was me with i think a friend and maybe my brother but it's hard to say for certain. but we were at my house in alaska, very specific, and there were cars out from but i didn't recognize them, i think the friend was just, although i didn't realize it at thsi point int he story, until he offered t put something in my car, and i was like, oh, i didn't even knmow i had acar, so id nd't really say anything to justin, just let me[him?] search around to find my car, out of the 3 or 4 there, through the bit of slushly snow still about on the ground. then i went to see my mom in her rom, because i din't think i ever actually got to talk to her andexplain the whole thing. but there was nobody there, but somebody in the bathroom, sioi knock and two "friends" open the door, i can vividly picture these epople, but moreso i cansay that they are not realy epople, projections of my mind, complitations of real people's featukerws. the first was a tall think and slender man, but more so a young mnan, with a bit of facial hair that was unattended to in the msot adolescent way possible, and a big curley afro that wasn't brushed but very thick and unchartered, as it were. he was wearing a ppolor that accentuated his pequite neck and his protruding adam's apple that, i would most commonly associate with nerds. i think these guys are more friends of my brother than i, i know them, but i'm the shocked to see them, not as in disbelief, but in oh... suddenly i have lostof communication skills and desire, not out of interest, but sheer out of backgound relation. the toher young man, was very average, where the other friend had very paticular facial features that were distinctly ethnic other than caucasian purely, this one was very typical european descendent. white, goatee, blue eyes, sout, not tall, if not even a lil' short, kinda soft, unattampted hair, just standard unhop uncultured combling job, and he was just wearing his qhite shirt, with the critical eyes, and the braod lower mandible, although reality is, he probably is just more shy than critical and stern. i forget that sometimes peple are as prone to misunderstrand me and i am to misjudge them and mistrust them as if they are out to get me, a complex from my childhood that i still carry slightly off my shoudlers sometimes. ain any regards, they were just hanging out, if not housesitting for my mother, and we were talkign and they had no lclue that i was passing away, and i had no clue to indicate this to them, the first fellow wasdefinitely more aware and considerate of who i was, his slightly more sleek brown eyes alight with social inclination,and his aquiline -birdnose that gie his eyes a dim drawn back look couldn't even stop that. taht's reallyall i can remember, the final thought of having to find my mother to tell her that i would soon be gone was the resonating thought cefore iactually awoke. that and the burning residing feeling that i was cancerous and lost and there's a dim dark type f hope, in knowing that you can change your outcome, but it's not all so bad, so you can just bear through it, and let the boat steer itself unto the enxt adventure, as i said, it's dim, it's like a lamp that just depletes all the warm colors from life, and it's dark, like a depressing tone of weather and atmosphere constantly around, but there's a bit of beauty in that hope, you just have to tell yhour standards to shove off and your expecations to get over it. there's some poetic beauty in the darkest and colorless of stories. What if life wasn’t so different from dreams – erik mason.
that was the dream. i received interpretations in two parts, one directly from Spirit of God, and one from a well-meaning friend that had no clue what he was referring to, just saying what God had put on his heart, and the Lord revealed it later to be another part of my dream. I know that right now i can share one part, and not the other. it is the glory of God to conceal a matter. the matter i can share is the dying and euthanizing, seeing as they don't allude to future matters, but now, transpired events. Dying isn't bad in dreams. For a christian, death isn't bad, it's new life, it's the flesh dying, the opening of new opportunities and chapters of life. without servicing every detail of the dream, my dying state was an allusion to my situation in North County San Diego. i didn't feel alive there (not because of anyone or anything, just me). i felt myself dying out to the ministries i was a part of, to the people i was a part of, and to my overall situation. the cancerous disease was a reference to not only how i felt, but that God was divining the situation to lead to an end, and i could either euthanize promptly, or carry on and make things worse for everyone, especially myself. it's so odd because if you read that part of the dream, everything i was dealing with, exemplified itself in the dream: the fear, the depression, the uncertainty, the excitement. I received the interpretation on the day before i moved up to Santa Barbara, right after i had carried out the first part of the dream, without even realizing it. so, i live in santa barbara, i'm part of a small church named Isla Vista Church (IVC), i couchsurf and stay wherever i can, and i have a family here and the Peace of the Lord is in me. i feel alive, and the Lord is just calling me to trust Him He tells me everyday, that He is doing crazy things that i'm uncomfortable and it's so different from any adventure i've ever had, and yet He just asks, "Do you trust Me? Do you trust me with this, even with this?" I trust Him. He's been so faithful and His dreams and plans have been so much bigger than mine, and i have no doubt that they will continue to be that way.

You're not all-powerful, Ani - Well, i should be. Someday I will be.

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It may be meagerly interesting to notice that one year ago, i first created this blog.
Upon that either immense or minute fact, i can base many observations.

Primarily, i want to explain the heading of this post, not necessarily the Star Wars insinuation, but why i chose it.

This post was suppose to be a journal entry almost half a year ago, i believe when we first arrived to El Salvador, or right before then. I wanted to write concerning those internal emotional feeling of being inside a sphere of chaos, that feeling that the destination of peace and arrival is a constant fleeting object, just always brushing against the fingertips but never within reach of a possessing grasp.
That was the thought many months ago, and although i don't notice it as vividly currently in my life, i think i would be a fool to think that somewhere in the twisted networking of my mind and the shrouded corridors of my heart that particular thought doesn't still exist, and not only exist; but reign that segmented territory.
I'm amazed, but not shocked to see how much has changed in a year and how much i have not changed since i first initiated this journal domain (the word "blog" still leaves a disgusted taste in my mouth, evidence of one puerile thing that has not changed about me). So many things have changed in my daily life and surroundings, forcing my to change the particular manners that i do things, but so many little things about me have not changed. Such as this desire, this desire to be perfected.
Now, quickly will i say that the desire to be perfected cannot be an innately evil one. Being that we are made in the Image of God, i would find that desire, that want, that fascination, to be quite natural for many reasons. Reasons such as: the absolving of hurt and sorrow, the completion of purpose and meaning, the fulfilling of ineptitude and mortality, and definitely a multitude of other things that i could never quite pin down. But i know that, just like all gifts and imputations of God, can certainly be taken out of its original intent and direction of purpose, and twisted and tainted in accordance to the extension of the flesh.

i am so tired.
my heart feels so heavy, and my mind, so dark sometimes.
i can feel so dead, that no spark of joy or life runs through these veins; instead of warm blood that is the life, exchanged for lifeless fluid, mixed with all sorts of sorrow and despondence.

1-For we know that if the tent that is our earthly home is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.
2-For in this tent we groan, longing to put on our heavenly dwelling,
3- if indeed by putting it on we may not be found naked.
4-For while we are still in this tent, we groan, being burdened—not that we would be unclothed, but that we would be further clothed, so that what is mortal may be swallowed up by life.

5-He who has prepared us for this very thing is God, who has given us the Spirit as a guarantee.
6-So we are always of good courage. We know that while we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord,

7-for we walk by faith, not by sight.
8-Yes, we are of good courage, and we would rather be away from the body and at home with the Lord.

9-So whether we are at home or away, we make it our aim to please him.

i know that this is not the way things were and are suppose to be, but i can be so selfish in my desire for perfection. my self-righteousness take away the glory of Christ's perfecting work. my fear of hurt and brokenness can deride the appointed use of being contrite and broken. my anger and self-hatred and pity demotes the beautiful act of being completed in Christ.
if my desire to be perfect, as God is perfect, is not based on the foundation that my aim is to please Him, then i corrupt something holy and make it profane. i take all the power of God and minimize it to my own insufficiency, instead of His Ability and Grace.

this year is different, and His mercies are new every day, and this is a new year to aim to please my Lord, despite my depraved inability and overwhelming desire to escape this humanity.

His promise to love us, is more than enough to keep going in our daily walk with Him.

it's all about His perfect love, and His perfect work in us; in Him, we are perfect, completely.

"when Christ, Who is your life, is revealed, you will be revealed with Him, in Glory.

10,000? We could almost buy our own ship for that! (CONTINUED)

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the rest of the boards!
this is my other 6'4 Lucas - almost exactly the same as the other swallow tail, quad fin, future fin set up. but thinner, and wider than the other, this one has some current damage that needs to be repaired (minor) and has had repair already.

this one 5'10... will be hard for me to let go. as far as i have found out, this board was shaped between 1982-1984 and is a tradition power surfing board. it's about 3 inches thick, has glassed in fins. has had some major repair in the past but currently an active and running board. boards like these are relics and antiques and hard to find. this one is a bit pricier than the rest.

10,000? We could almost buy our own ship for that!

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Hey, everyone, just selling some stuff, trying to survive and all. surfboards, electric guitar, and gear - check it out

this little guy is a 5'10 swallow with wings, FCS fin set up, repaired and needs some repairs (mostly on tail), very thin but very wide - 70$?

This deck is used and abused, but a great deck never the less, but needs some serious work - 6
2 pin tail, future fin set up (not not included, tri set up - 30 dollars?

Next, is my reliable board - lucas 6-4 swallow, no damage nor repairs needed, future fins (included), quad set up, 200$?

call me - 907-723-9894 for specific specs and questions, all prices are negotiable.
more boards and stuff on next blog post.
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